Generate More Customer Sales using Digital Coupon Software!

With InterAgent’s smart coupon technology, any existing coupons you have for your business
can be digitized, resulting in more customer leads and more sales!

Your Smart Solution to the Future of Advertising

If you own a small business, you understand your customers work hard for their money.
And when you work hard, you want to be sure that any money you decide to spend is worth the investment.
Coupons are an incredible tool to drive customers to your store, restaurant or any other business establishment.
In today’s world, 96% of consumers have used a coupon in the past 90 days.
So, no matter which industry you’re in, starting a coupon campaign can be a major step toward building a loyal customer base.
But, creating loyal customers is not just about the coupon itself.

The Shopping Experience Has Gone Digital

Today, physical coupons don’t have as many advantages in this new technological world as digital coupons.
How so?
With the traditional physical coupon:
You can’t easily track the campaign’s status. Physical coupons can be lost, stolen or forgotten. Automated digital coupons streamline the entire campaign, making it easier to collect statistics and plan for future campaigns.
You can’t remarket or follow-up. With no data, you can’t be sure that customers who come across your website, store, or restaurant will come back. You miss out on the chance to recapture their attention with retargeting ads, email campaigns, or SMS follow up.
You can’t reach a certain customer base. Not everyone is going to be physically present in your establishment. If you want to generate more sales, you have to expand your audience online!
What better way to offer your customers exclusive deals than to provide easy and accessible digital coupons they can use right from their smartphones?
We have the smarter solution that will save you tons of time, money and resources in the long run!

Advertise Smarter with Smart Coupons

In this new age of technology, your business’s advertising must be aligned with the new digital marketing standards,
or you could miss out on more sales.
With InterAgent’s smart coupons, you can take any existing coupons you’re running locally and make them mobile, digitized and smarter,
generating more sales for your company at an even higher rate!
With InterAgents Smart Coupon service, you can:

Generate loyal customers.

Convenient digital coupons encourage buyers to become recurring shoppers.

Create a better customer experience.

With the easy accessibility of digital coupons, customers are more likely to buy from the same place again, increasing online conversions and reducing cart abandonment.

Capture customer data for future marketing.

Businesses, like yours, can track campaign progress and ROI with online metrics provided by your coupon data.

Save more money

Since they’re delivered digitally, coupons are more cost-effective and efficient.

You no longer need to print or design generic coupons that can be lost, copied, stolen or, worse, forgotten.

If you’re looking for new ways to generate more sales and increase ROI,
InterAgent’s smart coupons can significantly improve your entire business’s marketing strategy!

Smart coupons give your existing local coupons an added digital presence boost. Enhance your coupon campaign results immediately with InterAgent’s smart coupons!

Frequently Asked Question

Yes! With our digital coupon directory listing, your business will be advertised amongst other businesses and prospective customers will have the opportunity to redeem your offer in their local area.

We use a combination of social advertising and local shopping groups where prospective customers hang out. We also create Solo Coupon Pages that allow your business to have its very own coupon page, for customers to view and collect coupons straight from your page!

No, our coupon programs are on a month-to-month basis.

Our coupons are trackable and allow you to follow up with the prospective customer through email and SMS. You can also create a list to remarket your services to in the future. 


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