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Learn how we helped one Dental Specialist with no online presence and no way to
sign up new patients, generate $15k in new patient revenue during the pandemic.

The Problem 

Amid global shutdown and protocols to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, many businesses around the world closed their doors, some for good.
Dental Specialists faced a particularly difficult challenge. Patient cancellations hit an all time high and Dental Specialist themselves were at a high risk of contracting the virus due to the nature of the profession.

That is when InterAgent went to work, we began working with a Dental Specialist in Colorado. The doctor had recently taken ownership of the practice.

  • The chief concerns were:
  • No online presence
  • A lack of opportunities for generating new patients
  • Zero visibility in local search results
  • Out of date and nonexistent branding and advertising methods

These issues had been contributing, for some time as the previous owner had one foot out the door and was no longer active in the community.

So, our first order of business was to address these problems so the practice could increase its case volume and revenue.

The Solution

When we work with any of our local clients, we first assess their position in the local market and among any competitors.
We then create a customized marketing strategy using paid or organic means to generate traffic.

For the Dental Specialist in Colorado, we did the following:

  • Refreshed the branding with a new logo and color palette
  • Built a new SEO optimized website
  • Set a goal to rank in the Google Map Pack for “buyer intent” keywords
  • Researched and focused our efforts on local keyword search results

We used keywords such as “dental implants near me”, “dental implants + city name”, “implant dentist + city name”, etc.

When using SEO tactics, it’s important to remember that you won’t see results right away. It can take time to see the fruit of your efforts. However, with local SEO, you can see results in as little as a few weeks. 

The results we got for the Dental Specialist were nothing short of amazing.

The Results

Since we launched the local SEO campaign during the pandemic, the practice has generated over $15,000 in new patient business.

Sticking to our ranking goal and using the strategy we outlined above, we were able to generate these awesome results:

  • Ranking on the first page of Google search results in their local community
  • Ranking above competitors with more reviews (3 reviews vs 100+) in the Google Map Pack
  • A website fully-equipped with an appointment form so patients don’t have to call first
  • Refreshed modern branding with eye-catching colors and graphics

It’s important to remember that this Dental Specialist generated these results during the roughest part of the pandemic—with capacity restrictions in place for safety purposes.
Now imagine the results we could have achieved under normal circumstances.

What These Results Mean for You

Small business owners build the foundation for a thriving economy. When your business thrives, your community thrives.

However, many business owners put off investing in their online presence. Some common reasons include:

  • Technical barriers. Not knowing how to create an online presence
  • Time constraints. Not having enough time to build a website, research keywords, or rebrand the business to stand out among competitors
  • Lack of urgency. Not seeing an online presence as a necessity, but instead believing that building an online presence is unnecessary because the practice can always generate foot traffic

Not having a clear strategy for online growth in 2021 is like giving up. Today’s digitally native customers can’t find you and can’t utilize your services.

At InterAgent, we help bring new customers to your business by identifying where you currently stand, what your competitors are doing, and how you can establish a competitive advantage in the market.

How It Works

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Averaging one new patient a week that is self-referred.” – Dr. Livingston

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